A slip of the pen?

I have now had opportunity to see the architects’ impression of the replacement for the Grange Centre in Midhurst in the district council’s publication and the animation on YouTube.

I trust the picture of the overall plan is artistic licence and not part of the council’s actual plan?

It shows a number of what can only be interpreted as houses in the footprint of where the current Grange Centre is.

The current tennis courts are given over to parking with no apparent replacement for them.

Housing may well be needed in the town, but not in this location.

What we should be doing is maximising the parking facility.

If the council are seriously considering housing here, then they are truly out of touch with both the needs of the town, and the wishes of the residents, seemingly wishing only to produce a revenue stream for the council’s finances by building houses.

One assumes that with the building of a new sports facility, a refreshed marketing scheme will be put in place to ensure its success and long-term security.

It will probably also secure more visitors, more cars, etc.

We have the possibility of a number of large developments around the area.

The need to attract new visitors to the town, and the probability of reduction of the amount of parking in the older part of the town, increased parking is what is required, not reduced.

These type of developments do not happen often, so it is important it is done right first time and take account of future growth.

Let’s hope this is a slip of the pen – or should I say keyboard!

Dave West

Pretoria Avenue