All given free will

I refer to Mr T Hudson’s comments in last weeks Observer, where he appeared to feel he may have ‘missed something’ in two readers’ letters.

God’s law and teachings differ from the ‘legalities’ of this, our earthly world. Of course we have to have a legal system, but God’s laws are the ones we should endeavour to uphold and try to live in our daily life. His laws do not change, nor should they, just in order to ‘fit in’ with what is often termed as ‘modern times.’ People should not be attacked for wishing to live by their Christian faith.

We are all given free will and free choice to choose our owns paths in life. However, what we do in our lives will determine whether we go to either heaven or hell in our eternal life. All of us are sinners, and we can but strive to overcome the wrongs we do, with God’s help.

Of course, I acknowledge, with sadness, that there are those who do not believe in God, but I sincerely hope and pray they will discover God at some point in their lives, for it is never too late. I would recommend the following website, which I saw recently, to listen to the testimony of a woman who died, and her experiences before returning to her body. Food for thought:

C Bullen

Church Road,