All the best for play

ON THURSDAY, April 12, I went to see The Midhurst Players opening night production of Much Ado About Shakespeare (a light-hearted revue of all things Shakespearean) compiled by Julie Tickner of Midhurst Players.

I found Much Ado to be a brilliantly arranged and enjoyable play, showcasing a reflective spin on Shakespeare’s works. Not knowing anything about Shakespeare myself I found it very informative and original.

I was particularly impressed by Andy Gilson’s sketch, The Man Who Speaks in Anagrams, managing to speak his part entirely in anagrams. My favourite funny bit was Roger Booth’s part as an American preacher doing a sermon on the story of Romeo and Juliet in Romeo and Juliet Explaine’.

All in all Midhurst Players performed brilliantly on their first night of this play, considering it was a full house.

Being a member of Midhurst Players myself I wish them all the very best for this play.

Ben Jull