Amazed at kindness

BRIEFLY on Saturday, September 1, I spent about 20 minutes going round and round with no luck – time was short to find a parking space in the main car park next to the theatre to see the matinee. In desperation I decided to head for the long-term park to find it full – eventually I saw a sign for a car park which looked as if it was a building site for some smart town houses.

I think by then I was behind the High Street as the back of one building was a pizza place. I found the only space and set off on foot. I asked a lady who was buying a parking ticket the quickest way to the theatre which she pointed and I started off.

Then behind me came the lady and said I am going to take you to the theatre as it’s a long walk and hot; I immediately said no as you will lose your space but she insisted and drove me to the theatre. She even said if I knew what time it finished she would pick me up.

I am so amazed at her kindness and wonder how many people would offer a stranger that help. So I wondered if she may recognise herself as that kind person.

Rosemary Walter