Amazed by no objection

Following the article by Peter Homer (Observer, May 10), I was amazed the city council indicated it had no objection to the scale and height of the proposed development, but only to the colour of the bricks to be used.

Do these councillors take absolutely no notice of the objection letters written by local residents referring to the excessive height of the building, the light pollution and loss of privacy that it will cause?

Furthermore, for Cllr Pam Dignum to be particularly pleased that the bank of the River Lavant will be brought into student use shows her lack of knowledge of

the college, where students already have full use of this bank. This amenity is not being provided by

the new building but more likely over-shadowed by it.

The enormity of the proposed building is totally out of scale with anything within Chichester and should be resisted at all costs.

Patrick Kiddle