An eye for an eye?

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THE mother of the murdered schoolgirl Rebecca Aylward has called for a return of the death penalty and I am one of the many citizens of this country who gives that lady my 100 per cent support.

When I was a teenager, there were several types of capital murder which certainly acted as a deterrent, as well as an effective punishment.

As far as our weak and ineffectual politicians are concerned, Rebecca Aylward is just another statistic.

It’s not their families and loved ones who get savagely murdered and although they’ve got a lot to say, they do very little.

We’ve got too many spouters in power.

Spouters and prattlers in all the three so-called ‘main’ parties, who lack the bottle and backbone to act decisively.

Rebecca Aylward and her family won’t be the last victims to suffer, while her killer is maintained in comfort, fed, clothed and kept warm at public expense.

My vote will go to a political party who is prepared to protect our citizens and to ensure that the punishments fit the crimes.

Lomond Handley,

Haslemere, Surrey