Another superstore?

ARE there not enough superstores in the corridor between Brighton and Littlehampton?

Already, we have two large Asda stores, three large Tescos and three large Sainsbury’s, along with numerous express shops. Our town high streets have more charity shops than needed.

Clearly, our town planners have no concerns for local traders attempting to run their businesses. it is no wonder that the small trader is forced out of business, driven out by council tax rates, competing with online traders and now yet another superstore.

In addition to the change of use for the former Country Fayre site, at ferring, massive changes will have to be made to the already congested A259. Clearly, Arun District Council is aware of this.

A better use for the site would have been to build much-needed housing. Such a development could eliminate the need to destroy the ancient Titnore woodland.

As far as the “creation of jobs” bait, consider the loss of jobs from businesses forced to close.

This is as so often a typical example of a giant company forcing its presence on a weak planning authority and having no regard for the local environment.

David Brenchley

Chilgrove Close