BBC coverage good

I EXPECT ‘Barkes at Large’ may be correct when he criticises the BBC for sending too many reporters to Dale Farm, before the recent eviction.

However, they did a very good job in producing a sympathetic and believable picture of those 80 families who had first cleaned up the old scrapyard (the so-called ‘green belt’ piece of land they purchased), and over the ten years of legal wrangling, became a real and caring community.

They may well have been exuberant and noisy neighbours, but the only evidence we were given that they were undesirable came from their closest neighbour who was himself pretty undesirable.

Who knows where they are now with so many other locations shut against them?

Yes, they lived there illegally for all that time, and in the end, legality triumphed over humanity.

Thelma Percy,

Normanton Avenue, Bognor Regis