Bin cost is wrong

I was alarmed to read Chichester District Council plans to charge householders £30 to replace ‘worn-out’ wheeled bins.

The wheeled refuse bins do not wear out gradually as might an old suit but they are abused, knocked and bashed by refuse crews racing to finish their rounds.

Householders take great care of their bins and are careful when wheeling them to the edges of their properties.

As there are two bins per household, this charge would represent an additional cost of £60 to each household community tax bill.

Such an increase, in a time of austerity when central government is urging a freeze on charges, is completely unacceptable.

I would urge the leader of the council, Mrs HP Caird, to find other ways of funding this scheme. I would suggest it should be funded out of efficiency savings.

The collection of domestic waste refuse on a fortnightly basis is a system that is very unpopular and has been foisted upon us.

At this time of the year, keeping putrefying waste in a hot box for up to 14 days is most unhygienic and encourages flies and vermin. This is entirely inappropriate for a civilised country.

I seem to recollect the Conservative government promised in its election manifesto to urge councils to return to a weekly collection of domestic waste. I don’t think we will need wheeled bins then!

Paul Sandbrook,

Spinney Close,