Bus cut ‘curfew’

I am staggered by the proposal to completely cut the Sunday and evening bus services on various routes, including Chichester to Selsey and the Witterings, because of a reduction in the subsidy paid by WSCC.

This will effectively impose a curfew on many people who wish or need to travel between these areas and Chichester in the evenings and/or Sunday for business, domestic and pleasure purposes.

No theatre, cinema, restaurant or pub visits, evening hospital visits, visits to family and friends, late shopping trips or college evening classes for those without a car.

On top of this, how about the people who work late in Chichester and do not enjoy the kind of hours many WSCC employees work?

The same goes for those who work in Selsey and the Witterings who have to get back to Chichester.

My son does not have a driving licence and relies on buses to get to and from Chichester for the many activities and social life that young people normally indulge in – no longer, it seems.

Additionally, I thought we were a tourist area. Well, so much for supporting the industry with the proposed cuts to public transport.

In the 21st century, it is totally unacceptable for members of the public to be treated with such disdain by the authorities.

I thought it was bad enough when the tin gods of CDC decided to close down the well-used toilets in East Pallant car park. What a short-term knee-jerk decision that was, but to isolate a substantial number of people in the outlying areas of Chichester really does take the biscuit.

The situation is totally unacceptable and those responsible for these proposals should be thoroughly ashamed.

I am not clear whether it is the bus companies or WSCC who have proposed, in particular, such drastic cuts to the bus services to Selsey, Wittering and Tangmere, but it is clear it is as a direct result of the cut in subsidies paid.

I am a realist and am fully aware financial constraints limit what can and cannot be done in any set of circumstances. However, to WSCC, I would say think again and try harder to cut out waste, extravagance and inefficiency within your bureaucratic organisation.

Please don’t tell the people of West Sussex there isn’t any – they won’t believe you.

To the bus companies, I would say look carefully at your costs and schedules. For instance, we do not really need buses every 15 minutes during the day, but we do need to maintain an evening and Sunday service.

To both organisations, I say treat your public with rather more respect than is hitherto apparent.

Angus Macarthur.

Oval Lane,