Camera is a danger

I WAS astounded to see how Sussex Police were creating danger to motorists on the A27 today. On a wet morning, Sussex Police had set up a hidden speed camera on the A27 between Fontwell and Tangmere, just before the turning for Norton.

This is a site used by Sussex Police occasionally and completely hidden from approaching vehicles (the mobile camera is hidden behind a clump of trees in the central reservation).

It was clear to me, as I approached from the other direction, that the presence of the speed camera was resulting in motorists slamming on their brakes in wet conditions. As we all know, even those who are not speeding, often brake heavily as a reaction to one of these cameras.

I am sure the operation of this camera is legal, but there can be no justification for its use without motorists being informed of its presence, particularly on a day when driving conditions are already hazardous. While I am sure the police will say there are signs which state cameras might be used on the A27, this site is only used very occasionally. I, and other motorists, would like an explanation of why the police are endangering the motoring public in this way.

Philip Wise

Stockbridge Road,