Cameras were taken

LAST weekend we hosted my sister’s wedding party at our home in Westbourne. We were lucky enough to have a dry day so were mainly based in the garden and field next to the house.

It was a beautiful wedding with huge effort made by many friends and family. The guests all turned up in hats of all shapes and sizes and looked wonderful. The party went on into the early hours with people sitting around a fire pit outside.

At some point a couple of young men turned up who claimed to have known my daughter at school. They were welcomed in and offered a beer. They stayed and chatted and then left. We don’t know who they were as my daughter was by then in bed.

Next morning, two cameras were missing from the house. We hadn’t locked them away as we were surrounded by friends and family. It took us a long time to accept that someone had entered our house and stolen our cameras, even though they must have been aware that the party was for a wedding and that the photographs were ireplaceable.

If anyone knows who stole them, please ask them to return the memory cards to us. Cameras can be replaced without sentiment but photographs of my sister’s beautiful wedding can not.

Tikki O’Connell

Paradise Lane,