Can we stop Tesco?

WITH reference to the letters from Dorothy Hicky and Eric Sayers regarding the proposed new Tesco store on Chichester Road, I wholeheartedly agree with their comments.

However I fear it is too late to stop the monster that is Tesco.

Anybody that disagrees with their objectives are merely brushed aside in the name of commercial monopoly, regardless of the effects on other established local businesses and staff.

I for one will never enter this store to shop, just like the one recently built at Middleton.

I’m sure that will not worry them unless all the local people boycott the store and make it a commercial failure.

It should also be noted that most Tesco express stores are not much cheaper, if at all.

Last of all the local shop owners should promote themselves to ensure the buying public are aware that personal service counts as much as small savings on shopping.

Dennis Bridger

The Causeway