Care could not have been better

I have unfortunately had to spend some five weeks in St Richard’s Hospital following a very nasty accident.

The care I received while in hospital could not have been better.

The staff, including all the lovely and caring nurses and doctors, including physios, could not have been better if I had been the Queen.

The cleaning staff were bright and cheerful as they thoroughly cleaned the ward twice each day.

The food was amazing and how they manage on the budget they have is a tribute to the skill of the catering staff, providing meals (three courses, twice a day if you required) and the choices available were brilliant and delicious.

How people can moan about the hospital food is far beyond me.

Even if nothing appealed to you from the menu, the staff would go out of their way to provide you with something that you did like – not many restaurants (no matter how many stars) would offer this sort of care.

So I think the people who moan should keep their comments to themselves.

I wish to send a great big thank you to everyone working on Boxgrove Ward.

Angela Slade,

Fishbourne Road (West)