Caring challenge

Is it feasible that those among us who would like, and benefit from, care and compassion, can be identified?

Some thousands petitioned for continuation of day care across this county.

There is need and there are ways and means to provide help.

But we need a realistic survey of facts and figures.

Firstly, another appeal by all those who seek help for their ‘moderate’ needs.

Mr Catchpole is legally required to provide help for those whose needs he assesses as ‘critical’.

Then a list of every church hall, village hall and suitable public spaces.

For example, in Midhurst and Petworth there are a handful of church halls, there may be Capron House, part of the convent building, the ‘new’ Grange , and the now-vacant Herbert Shiner school.

All the above premises require some finance to open their doors. Most can comply with health-and-safety regulations. Disabled access can be achieved.

Transport to and from is available.

Since WSCC is set on abandoning day care (apart from those whose need is ‘critical’) cannot we, the public, the church ministers who have a remit of ‘help thy neighbour’, together with our elected town and district representatives, formulate a self-help programme?

The need is there.

It is a challenge to meet it.

Who among us will start the ball rolling?

Jane Stuart

North Lane

South Harting