Celebrate Oympics

I AM very disappointed in the lack of enthusiasm from the local council, surrounding the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

Other towns in the area utilised an area and covered the event, and still do. Can someone tell me why Chichester has done nothing for

this city?

We have the lovely Priory Park, which could have been utilised

and given children and families

an opportunity to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime.

Apparently spending £4m on a concrete and glass structure, namely the Novium museum, is all that they are concerned with.

Do we conclude that it is all about charging the public? £7? This is outrageous. One does not have to purchase a ticket to see the baths; they can be seen through the window. I am sure they will change that.

Even the delightful Pallant House and Museum offer free entry on a Thursday after 5pm.

Sally Thomas

St Martin’s Square,