Charity share load

WHILE I am appalled at the deaths of two men at the Whyke roundabout on the A27, I am equally appalled at the suggestion from the charity Stonepillow that a footbridge should be constructed over the A27 to enable pedestrians to cross.

If we examine carefully who might use the footbridge, we must conclude it will mostly be those who make their way to St Joseph’s. That stretch of the B2145 from the A27 to the junction with the B2166 to Bognor contains very few habitations and I have no doubt that their inhabitants would not welcome a night-time walk to Chichester!

It appears to me the people who run St Joseph’s must bear some responsibility for the safety of their clientele. To base a refuge in this location to attract people whose only form of locomotion is their two legs, and to jeopardise their safety by their having to walk in the dark along a busy road beggars belief. The local authority has already spent money to provide a footpath and street lighting from the A27. Do we really need to tip more taxpayers’ money in this direction?

The wisest move I believe would be for those operating St Joseph’s to relocate to somewhere more safely accessible and relieve their conscience of the latent likelihood of future disasters and give the hard-pressed taxpayers a rest.

Another factor in this tragic episode is a little recognised issue of the trauma experienced by the innocent drivers who collide with these people. To know you have killed someone must be an horrific event which will remain with you forever.

I believe Stonepillow needs to think very carefully about the future of St Joseph’s and their responsibility for the safety of the people they care for.

D Wells

Golf Links Lane, Selsey