Clarifying mis-leading figures

I write in response to the recent announcement by the Highways Agency of its intention to carry out major works to improve the Ford roundabout.

While any work to address congestion on the A27 is welcomed (and very much needed!) I want to clarify some misleading figures that were issued by the agency as part of its announcement.

The Highways Agency said that the £40,000 improvement works to this roundabout would support 10,000 new jobs and 8,000 new homes. Astonishingly good value – if it were true!

It is unclear how the Highways Agency got the figures it quoted in its announcement.

I want to reassure readers that any locations for future housing in the district will be determined as part of Arun District Council’s Local Plan.

We know that the problems with the A27 are a significant barrier to investment in the district and boosting economic growth and these improvement works are certainly good news. Although a new Arundel bypass would have been even better news!

So while I welcome any improvements to the A27, I do want to reassure residents that any location for future housing in the district will be determined as part of the council’s Local Plan process.

Councillor Ricky Bower,

Arun District Council’s cabinet member for planning

Civic Centre,

Maltravers Road