Common-sense is needed to solve road problems

TO blame lack of improvements to the A27 for the fatal crash on the Old Broyle Road is a total red herring.

This accident took place after 10pm when any problems with the A27 would not have been an issue.

This road has several sharp bends, no street lighting, a footpath only on one side, road intersections where the sight line is short because of bends and, above all, has no speed limit.

Traffic is heavy at rush-hour times, but in fact this often reduces speed because of hold-ups at the St Paul’s Road roundabout.

‘Slow’ signs are present on the road indicating bends and intersections, but these are totally ignored – particularly by fast-moving traffic.

Cars frequently overtake on the bends despite double yellow lines in the road.

Vehicles and cyclists emerging from Pine Grove have three seconds to avoid being hit by a car travelling at a quite legal speed of 60mph.

The lack of street lighting and the fact the overhanging trees cause twilight to arrive a good 30 minutes before lighting-up time are additional hazards.

I have suggested to the relevant authority an easy and cheap solution would be to move the speed de-restriction sign from its present position to the Funtington side of Salthill Road or, even better, to beyond Oakhurst School, which has a very dangerous exit.

I am told that at the moment there are insufficient funds to carry out a study of this situation.

Is it necessary to carry out a study to produce a common-sense solution to this problem?

Chichester is expanding.

There are plans for a big development south of the Brandy Hole Copse area.

How much does it cost to move the position of a speed de-restriction sign?

What price a life?

Geraldine Wood

Pine Grove