Couldn’t believe it

I was reading the Observer (January 3) and I couldn’t believe it when I read Chichester District Council hasn’t allowed the brilliant Wagamama restaurant to open at the Current Store 21 site in South Street, Chichester.

It is a travesty.

Wagamama should be allowed to open in this location because of the following:

n Surely it is better to have a restaurant, such as Wagamama, occupy this location rather than leave it standing as an empty shop front for months on end, like other shop fronts in Chichester are.

n It doesn’t matter there would be 15m of restaurants in a row as eateries are as important as shops in Chichester.

n Customers love to eat and shop, whether having breakfast, lunch or dinner and shopping before or after these meals – shopping and eating go hand-in-hand.

So opening a restaurant here actually complements the shops as people use both when visiting the city centre.

n There are lots of restaurants currently in Chichester city centre; one more won’t hurt the area.

In fact, I believe that it will improve the area.

n There are already enough empty shops in Chichester without adding the Store 21 site to them.

There is Hi Ho Silver and Evans in North Street, the Calendar shop in East Street which will go.

These current empty sites can be filled with shops, instead of the large Store 21 site, which makes sense as a restaurant.

n Chichester City Council supported the Wagamama application so why didn’t the district council?

n I’m sure if members of the public had known about this application before it was rejected many would have supported the proposal too.

n The Wagamama restaurant serves completely different food to Pizza Express which it would be next to, so it wouldn’t affect their customer base.

n Wagamama would bring in more people to Chichester who would come to the restaurant and also then spend money at the other shops, cafés, theatre, cinemas etc. ·

n Chichester has a vibrant, large student population from the Chichester College and Chichester University and many students are foreign exchange students who would love to eat at Wagamama.

n There are so many French and Italian restaurants in Chichester, it would be great to have something different

The nearest Wagamama restaurants are Portsmouth and Brighton so we really need one in between in Chichester to bridge the gap and serve the communities in the Chichester and surrounding area.

What other companies have applied to open their business at the Store 21 site?

Amelia Mlynowska

South Bank