Councillor is living in a dream world

I read with some amazement your headline article on park and ride.

Although reasonably new to Midhurst, I have already detected serious animosity between Chichester District Council and the Midhurst Town Council.

The arrogance displayed by Mark Dunn in proclaiming people who dare take a car into Midhurst centre ‘should pay through the nose’ is appalling.

His suggestion farmers ‘make money’ by providing parking on hard surfaces and supplying and operating buses is in dreamland.

This may work in large cities but not in a small town.

Having three main routes into Midhurst, is he suggesting each one has this system in place, and what will happen to the people who live within this radius and not on a bus route? Will they still shop in the town and pay extortionate charges to park?

County leaders and planners on high wages should plan for the future, not advocate panic measures having not foreseen the need for extra parking.

Midhurst is in danger of becoming a ghost town and this would accelerate the process, or maybe this is what Chichester District Council want!

Mr B Street

Heatherwood, Midhurst