Counting the new cost of Costa

I AM writing to you to voice my concerns of the recently-opened Costa coffee in the centre of town.

I find it very troubling that the town council’s recommendation to refuse Costa coffee into Midhurst is duly ignored by Chichester District Council as they found it in their interest yet again to badly affect Midhurst.

It is to my understanding that, being a large chain, they will happily run the business at a loss with a view of driving other small tea and coffee shops out of town.

We currently have seven independently-run coffee/tea shops in Midhurst, all striving to make a living, and having a corporate business like Costa in the town can only be bad news for these people.

I believe, along with many others, that this is not what the town needed, although some might argue as many have even been given free coffee and pastries on the street over the past few days.

What’s coming next from the district? I hope that better decisions are going to be made, as another mistake like this and there are going to be more independent businesses driven out of our country town which is the character and make-up of our very community.

Rupert Sleight,

Shop manager,

Aylings Garden Centre