Crossroad closure the stuff of nightmares

Could the Highways Agency explain themselves to the Observer and local community on how they reached their decision to close the Oving Road crossroads?

On Monday last week at around 8.50am the traffic was queued from Drayton Lane to the crossroads. Often, particularly late afternoon, trying to get out of Portfield at the roundabout is only possible courtesy of the traffic lights at Oving Road being on red.

Without these lights controlling the flow of traffic, I can see nightmare scenarios of being trapped either side of the A27... probably back-filling at Portfield making it possible to be trapped in Sainsbury’s car park at peak traffic times... gridlock here we come! The other roads/roundabouts crossing the A27 are already heavily congested at peak times.

I can only imagine that the Highways Agency have blinkers on!

J Butler