Defence of disabled

I FEEL I have to put the case for disabled people who are ignored when through no fault of their own have to use these buggies to get out for shopping, visiting friends etc.

Due to an operation I have been using one; without it I would be trapped in my house except for the times when my sons could find time to take me out for a drive to get me out.

What I found was a total disregard for the way I was treated by people who seem to look down their noses as if you were something to be ignored, drivers are the worst offenders: I found if I was crossing a side road they tended to appear to wait for you to cross, then many times would get fed up waiting for you and cut across in front – this happened to me at least once a day.

The buggy I’m using is for pavements, quite a lot of people will walk one side of the pavement to enable passing causing no problem to each other, but some moan and tut because you are there.

Me being me would also move over as near to the road as possible to enable young mums with their buggies and children to pass without putting them in danger; I will always stop until they have passed by, never a thank you for doing this.

It was the same with the older generation who seem to think they don’t have to say thank you, however I have to point out teenagers and young children always give enough room for me to pass them for which I always say thank you.

Come on, able-bodied people, spare a thought for buggy riders – we don’t want to be in them, I just hope you won’t need to use one but if you do, you will see what I’m saying so please start taking notice and help were you can in the situations I have mentioned above.