Destruction on the Hunston canal bank

Why is the canal bank at Hunston being allowed to be ransacked by a bunch of wellmeaners with a large selection of strimmers and chainsaws?

I’ve just been along the canal walking my dog and can’t believe the amount of hedgerow and plants that has been destroyed in the name of conservation.

Do these people not know anything about the the animals, reptiles and insects that play such a big part in spring to give life to the canal bank’s eco-culture?

When I tried to point out most small hedgerow birds time their nesting to the hatching of grubs and insects that their nestlings need in such abundance to get a good start in life, that the many ducks that nest in the hedges need a good cover to be safe from predators, and that a colony of slow worms and lizards that have made good gains in numbers over the past few years now – and that thanks to this crowd of so-called environmentalists cutting the hedge and greenery back to about 1cm these beasts will have nowhere to hide – I was informed the hedge had two sides and they were not touching the other side.

I was told I didn’t understand that the path was being cleared to allow cyclists to go along it.

Well, I can assure you anyone who has tried to walk a dog or small children along this path will know the dangers caused by some very suicidal bikers crashing along the path at breakneck speeds not caring or worrying who they run over.

The tow path is a place for all to enjoy and now it looks like a disaster zone.

Would someone inform these folk to get sound advice about the wildlife of our canal and stop this destruction of a once-beautiful and tranquil tow path.

As for the hedge having two sides, one side is in the gardens that back on to the canal.

The other is on a once flower-filled towpath now devoid of life.

Bill Phillips