Development does not benefit park visitors or residents

I am anxious the publicity given to John Cherry’s unpleasant comments will not deter potential objectors from writing to the South Downs Park Authority, regarding the planning application for the building of the Durand Academy.

It is vital the Observer gives equal prominence to the fact this very large obtrusive development does not benefit visitors to the park or its local residents and therefore does not meet the criteria of the National Planning Policy Framework document.

The school will double the number of residents in the parish, creating congestion in the narrow access lanes and its comparison with the old school is spurious. St Cuthman’s catered for 90-100 local West Sussex special needs children, employing teachers and other staff, who lived locally.

Durand Academy propose to bus in and accommodate more than six times that number of children, on half the acreage, and import all staff and relevant services from London.

This in no way enhances the national park.

Chris Sayer