Do think of parking

IT IS with some dismay the residents of the section of Westgate will have read the article in the Observer (May 10) in which Chichester city councillors seem only concerned about the type of brick which will be used to face the proposed extension to Chichester College.

The councillors also commented about the loss of parking and ‘huge pressure’ from roadside parking which will intensify as a result of the proposed transfer of staff and students from the Terminus Road campus to the main campus.

The reality is that the type of brick does not feature at all in the nine official objections registered on Chichester District Council’s planning website by the residents of the relevant section of Westgate.

The residents share the overriding concern that the 60ft proposed new block is far too high and out of keeping with the other existing college buildings and residential properties in the area under discussion. As a result of the very close proximity of this new proposed block, the residents will suffer loss of privacy.

They will also lose natural light while they will be subjected to significant light and noise pollution. The proposed new block will obscure views of the cathedral from visitors approaching Chichester via Westgate.

The impact on parking has already been mentioned but the side roads are already saturated, making it difficult for residents to access their properties and for dustcarts and emergency vehicles to reach certain areas.

The residents support the idea that the college should want to improve its facilities. The college, through the proposal, is aiming to improve the student experience and achieve significant savings in operating costs but at the sole expense of this massive infringement on the residents’ space, light and privacy.

The district council should reject this application and ask the college to re-think their proposal.

Paul Livesey