Donations focus on local groups

I am writing to correct the inaccuracy that was reported (Observer, March 28) regarding the funding for the Fete in the Park.

You may have only been reporting the ill-informed discussion that took place at the Petworth Town Council meeting, but it is not true to say we have ‘donated funds to other causes’.

Regarding the giving to ‘other causes’ referred to, we have made donations for services rendered by local groups such as Petworth Red Cross and the Rotary Club, without whom the fete would not be possible – and that is the plan for this year.

We also hold a grand draw in aid of a designated charity and give them 50 per cent of the proceeds raised – this is made clear on the tickets and increases the sales. This year’s beneficiary is the Sylvia Beaufoy Youth Centre.

Petworth and District Community Association have, over the years, invested in equipment that benefits the local community, including the town council’s Christmas lights event. We also have other costs such as public liability insurance and we are investing in the building of the Petworth Community website.

So it is not true we will need to reassess our charitable giving because it doesn’t exist. If the two representatives of the community association had not been asked (unconstitutionally, according to the code of conduct adopted by the town council on January 17) to leave the meeting, then this misinformation could have been corrected.

Of course the town council has a duty to assess and make decisions on the grants it makes – and we respect that judgement however uncomfortable it may be – but it should at least ensure that its deliberations are based on fact.

Tony Sneller


Petworth & District Community Association