Dreaded A-boards out

WHAT a lovely summer’s day it was last Saturday.

The crowds came out, the city of Chichester was flocking with visitors from far and near.

It was a pleasure to cruise through the precinct in my FPC – famous power chair – taking in the atmosphere.

However the aliens from Alphabetaland were also out in their numbers, but to think of it they don’t need the sun!

Yes, the dreaded A-boards, some in their usual flocking places like Crane Street, others, more adventurous maybe, out on their own.

It was on my way home up North Street, just where the pedestrianised area finishes, that I encountered a particularly nasty specimen of the species.

It was a heart-stopping moment since it occupied what must be the narrowest piece of footway, generating a crush of pedestrians trying to pass it each way.

This alien took up almost half the footway; where was this heart-stopping moment?

Why, outside the British Heart Foundation charity shop!

I have remonstrated with them face-to-face in the past but they seem to be totally unaware of the problem. Surely charities should strive to gain public support, not alienate it?

John Collins (Rev)

Exeter Road, Chichester