Drivers should be wary of cyclists ‘with a death wish’

On Thursday, May 21, at about 9.30am, I was driving to Tangmere with my husband. We crossed the Oving crossing and followed a lorry down to the T-junction at Shopwyke, on the way we passed a cyclist on what looked like a touring bike.

At the junction the lorry indicated and positioned itself ready to turn right and I pulled up behind with my right-hand indicator flashing to go the same way.

The lorry pulled out and I moved forward, I checked both ways to make sure the road was clear; I was about to pull out when the cyclist I had passed earlier appeared at my driver’s side and pulled out round the FRONT of my car and went LEFT towards Chichester.

I blew my horn but he just carried on. I could tell that the driver in a blue car waiting to turn left saw what happened by the shocked look on her face.

Car drivers are forever being told to beware of cyclists and to give them room and then I get the idiot with a death wish.

Any drivers using that stretch of road at that time in the morning please take care, you might be cut up next.

J Jones

Bognor Regis