Drivers, watch out

I FIND it very sad TA Dann is having such a rude and rough ride in his buggy in Selsey.

I, likewise, at 83 years, am also stuck in one for shopping and for getting a bit of fresh air, but find that all in the Witterings are among the kindest people I have ever known, especially the Co-Op staff and customers who offer to reach anything high up with big smiles.

I can reach the low shelves for folk who cannot bend.

I drive with care and courtesy on pavements.

I’m not anything other than a pedestrian on wheels and extremely happy in my dear village.

All I ask is that drivers do not park on the pavements as I am low down and almost invisible if I have to creep around bonnets and boots to get by on the road.

As to crossing roads: try to make decisive hand signals and be prepared to let cars go first.

When they stop, raise a hand in thanks.

Try to cross away from junctions so you have less traffic to work with and they space to judge your movements.

Val Barton

Marine Drive, Witterings