Election dilemma

I had a dilemma – what should I do on Thursday, May 5?

Could I vote for the Lib Dem candidates – a party I was a member of for nearly 20 years, and indeed stood for as a candidate in these elections 12 years ago?

No – for three reasons.

Firstly, the party’s broken promise on student fees.

Secondly, the party leadership has shown its raw underbelly of economic liberalism.

Lastly, I could not vote for candidates who do not live in the ward.

Could I vote Conservative?

In the local context, I work very closely with Jan Duncton and Eileen Lintel and have great respect for them both.

At a personal level they could have my vote, but at a party level, could I vote for Thatcherism gone rampant? I think not.

As for UKIP, I won’t waste my words.

So what to do?

Tony Sneller

North Street