Excited about Chichester rickshaws

What a pleasure to learn that we could be seeing rickshaws on the streets of Chichester.

The city is a nightmare for visitors and locals with restricted mobility as there is a shortage of parking close to the shops and it is often impossible to get from one area to another without having to drive back to the ring road and seek alternative parking. Rickshaws would take people almost to the doors of shops, restaurants and meeting places and reduce the need for disabled people to drive to the opposite end of the city.

Imagine a line of rickshaws awaiting visitors as they leave the Chichester Festival Theatre, transporting them down North and South Street back to the railway and bus station. So many people travel from as far away as London to see a matinee at Chichester. How wonderful that they would be able travel through the city by rickshaw.

Mr Cresswell of Old Bosham suggests rickshaws are squalid symbols of the third-world poverty. May I remind readers that these delightful eco-friendly vehicles have been in London for well over a decade and feature on the streets of the world’s most progrssive and forward-thinking cities. Singapore, Kuala Kumpur, New York, Washington and Sydney, to name a few. Last summer my wife and I had a delightful tour of Hamburg in a rickshaw, admiring Europe’s latest and most successful inner-city regeneration.

Let us not only enjoy seeing rickshaws in Chichester, but also along the, now cycle-friendly, Bognor Regis promenade and why not around Bosham harbour, too?

Bring it on! The sooner the better. Think of the additional income the student population will be able to make while keeping fit, rather than sitting behind a till at the supermarket.

Graeme Payne

St Richards Way