Fears for Grange

I THANK Mr McAra for his response to my letter (Observer, August 18).

I still feel that the Grange Centre is an inappropriate location for domestic dwellings, and I am concerned that future residents will complain about activities at the centre.

Mr McAra’s letter raises another question: that of parking spaces for commercial and coach traffic.

We sell our town as a tourist location, especially as English Heritage has now opened Cowdray Ruins, but other than the bus station, which is surely for scheduled buses, there will be nowhere for them to park.

Similarly, we have a number of businesses who receive deliveries by commercial vehicles daily.

Some of these travel long distances and need to park, partly to meet their legal rest requirements, and also to wait for companies to open when they arrive the previous evening!

Has the council got a long-term plan on these issues?

Dave West,

Pretoria Avenue, Midhurst