Footbridge ‘for all’

I WOULD like to take issue with the comments made in recent letters concerning the fatalities on the A27 adjacent to the Whyke Road roundabout.

Firstly, these unfortunate deaths have not provoked a ‘knee-jerk reaction’. The bridge was promised to our community well over two years ago, and preparations had started when the project was withdrawn.

This was a great disappointment to those of us who attended a presentation at the local school and gave our unqualified support to the scheme. The presumption that homeless people are the only ones who wish to cross the road is a blinkered and ‘knee-jerk’ supposition.

Access to Chichester lakes for residents of the Whyke area necessitates crossing the road. Many (particularly those with children) have given up trying as it is such a hazardous undertaking, thus denying them and their families this green and pleasant recreation area.

Of course there are irresponsible people who would not use a safe crossing and would still dodge through the traffic. However, most people would use such a bridge; I regularly see both pedestrians and cyclists using the bridge by the Bognor roundabout. Just driving under the bridge cannot give a driver an accurate idea of its usage.

Is it a monstrosity? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is a well built and functional structure, and I assume, conforms to the requisite safety standards that the Highways Agency must adhere to. The designs portrayed in the Observer article show an elegant and pleasing bridge which would be a valuable asset to the area.

Moving the homeless hostel inside the ring road, while perhaps a good idea, will not help any of the local residents who wish to cross the A27. The two unfortunate deaths may have involved homeless people,

but how soon will it be before I,

or one of my neighbours become

the next victim?

Alan Carn

Whyke Road,