Grange benefits

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What are the benefits of the new Grange development?

Many of the people I’ve spoken to (in what is a small number and may well not be a very representative group) can see little benefit and I’d be interested in a wider view, perhaps from a survey of your readers?

I believe the existing centre was built to a sufficiently good standard to qualify for a Sports Council grant to enable its construction, though it clearly needs internal modernisation and some attention to roof leaks and I’m not sure how satisfactory the current relationship is with the district council’s end of the building.

I understand the new development will relocate the existing library, registrar service area, office, sporting and leisure facilities together in a smaller building but with more parking spaces.

Work has obviously started with the digging up and permanent removal of the tennis courts/five-a-side football pitches and clearing trees, so in one sense perhaps it’s all too late now but it would be good to hear the benefits, since from the plans it appeared to me to offer a reduced overall facility. If we are to have it perhaps we should learn to focus on what might be good about it! (By the way, whose idea was it?)

Richard Hill