Grange plans mean boost for Midhurst

RESPONDING to Dave West’s letter about building housing on the old Grange site and the site’s alternative use for extra car parking, I think it’s important to understand that the new Grange will have more car parking anyway.

By adjusting the layout, removing lorry and some coach parking and (sadly) the tennis courts, the new development will have over 60 additional spaces, which is a big increase.

Dave also suggests building 16 houses is a money-raising venture by Chichester District Council. Of course it is: that’s one of the ways to help pay for a desperately-needed new Grange building, with all the monies raised being used for the benefit of Midhurst and the surrounding area.

It’s also worth mentioning in context of Midhurst that with the new Grange and the new academy well on its way to completion, over £40m is being spent on our small market town. And if you add the new South Downs National Park HQ being located at Capron House, it’s great to see Midhurst and the local villages and parishes punching well above their collective weight.

Gordon McAra,

District councillor for Midhurst