Growing trends

I live and work within a couple of miles of this spot, and have done since the mid-1960s.

I have lost count of the number of times I have seen cars and bikes overtake on the straight before the Graffham turning: a growing trend despite the bespoke ‘no overtaking’ signs that have been installed here.

This stretch of road is not only increasingly busy, but there is also a far greater variety of traffic than there used to be.

From local tractors to lines of bikes riding out together: different worlds, more or less oblivious to each other!

I had a potentially fatal near-miss myself the other day, about to turn right when a car flew past me and the line of cars behind me at high speed.

Had I not anticipated it coming because I know the spot, this overtaking car would have had little choice but to slam into the driver’s side of my car, or plough into Chris Davies’ house. Carnage.

Everyone knows a double white line means no overtaking.

They don’t necessarily know or notice what the current signs mean.

Surely the primary function of any safety road signage should be to save lives – not to enable legal enforcement.

I sincerely hope common sense prevails before someone does get killed.

And if not, then I sincerely hope the WSCC decisionmakers concerned are held legally accountable.

Not least because they have ignored local wishes on this issue for so many years.

Daft, arrogant and disrespectful of the local electorate’s wishes in my view.

Neville Farrington