Holmbush criticism is not justified

We would be interested to see the figures which show Holmbush estate as having the sixth-highest level of multiple deprivation across the district – which seems to be a very unfair and unjust condemnation of the estate.

We own our property, as do roughly half the people living here – this is certainly true of Tufts Field, where we live, and people work hard to pay mortgages and live decent and respectable lives.

Articles such as these devalue the estate and thus our property.

Yes, more jobs are needed – but this applies everywhere, certainly not specifically to Holmbush.

Do Cllrs McAra and Win Passmore really believe that all jobs created by development of the two sites mentioned would go to residents of Holmbush? I think not.

We also do not believe there is any more crime on Holmbush Estate than anywhere else – certainly we have not had any problems, and night-times are peaceful.

Can the same be said of the town centre, I wonder?

With regard to Holmbush having a high percentage of single mothers trying to bring up children on their own, I doubt there are any more than on any other local authority estates.

And as for children in their 20s and 30s still at home with parents because they cannot afford to leave home... well, this has been well documented in the national press, and most certainly is not specific to Holmbush!

Win Passmore also seems to imply all children on the estate leave school without qualifications or training and then go on the dole like their parents – rather an insult to the many hard-working parents who live on the estate and try to instil a work ethic in their children.

In fact, I wonder why she hasn’t moved if she considers it such a deprived area!

We are also puzzled as to why a photograph of the flooding which occurs after every heavy rainfall along Holmbush Way was included.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the comments in the article, and has been occurring for more than 30 years.

We have raised the issue with the Highways Agency on many occasions, to be told ‘something will be done’. It never is, of course.

Ms Passmore, as a Midhurst town councillor, could you not get something done about this, instead of running your estate down?

We feel both articles have demoralised people living on Holmbush Estate, especially Win Passmore’s comments, and I doubt she will get any local votes in the future.

Michael and Gill Ralph,