Hospital decision was the right one

Congratulations to the South Downs National Park Authority on throwing out all the City and Country’s controversial plans to restore Midhurst’s KEVII hospital.

I am so glad the SDNPA did not succumb to the carrot and stick methods of managing director Helen Moore.

So she wants to appeal.

I would suggest no government inspector could possibly agree with her.

Would an inspector allow a new town to be built in the middle of the New Forest or The Lake District?

What would Mr Cameron say about The Big Society if such a ruling was made?

As one of the ‘self-serving Nimbies’ of Midhurst, I would refute her claims we have a ‘not in my back yard’ mentality.

If the residents of Midhurst did have this mentality why, therefore, was it shared by such far-flung communities like Fernhurst, Bramshott, Liphook, Lynchmere, Tilford and Haslemere, to mention but a few?

I am sure all local residents feel the same as I do, having fond memories of the building as a hospital, but it is now just a building, privately owned and ready to be converted into expensive apartments, and not, as Ms Moore would have us believe, as a monument to be enjoyed by hundreds.

Can we expect the well-to-do who will live here to allow the great unwashed to tramp across their manicured Jekyll gardens even twice a year? I think not!

Colin I Chatfield