Hospital is tops

I have just spent three weeks in St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester. This was my very first stay in any hospital; I am over 80 and usually very healthy.

I wanted you to know of the exceptionally high standard of care that I received throughout my stay. The many people who took care of me, from the consultant to the cleaner, were doing their jobs with great care and attention. The ambulance having brought me in, I went from the AMU to Fishbourne ward.

The diligence they used to try to find out whe I had been so unwell was amazing, They left no stone unturned and I was supported through all this with different therpies to ensure I was in the best possible situation to go home.

The NHS is so often criticised that I wanted you to know so you could tell everyone how brilliant the set-up is at St Richard’s. It really is a very good hospital indeed. All aspects were carried out to a very high standard: the ambulance service; the AMU ward; the cleanliness; the food; the help; the support; and the medical expertise.

It really is the best you could wish for, and certainly first in the world as it is accessible to one and all.

I want to sincerely thank all the staff for their kindness and care. They deserve to be told this whenever possible.

Mrs A Anderson

Broad Road