I love Midhurst, but...

I do really love Midhurst and it is so great to see it full and busy.

I feel this was mentioned before, when the car-parking charges were first introduced.

However, I think I am right in thinking that one way Balfour Beatty at the Midhurst Rother College could gain some brownie points would be to provide some parking space for their contractors. I am certainly not aware of any spaces, unless they are hidden.

I had to use the North Street car park on Monday about midday and, as it is so often, it was almost full.

However, at a very quick glance I saw at least four very obvious pile-driving company contractors’ vehicles parked up. No doubt there all day.

That is not fair or right for our town. I think if I had done a survey I could have found many more!

I was recently involved with a large building contract and ground was cleared for vehicles to park. Now the contract has ended, the area has since been reinstated.

It can be done and I think someone should do something about it – or are CDC grateful of the money that may be coming from those vehicles? Or do they have free passes?

I notice also the CDC do not appear to have done anything about providing more car-parking space either.

Ted Liddle,