I need readers’ help to solve mystery

I WAS very interested to see an article about the Joining Up Our Heritage Project as I have been a volunteer since January 2010.

I am researching Barnham and Eastergate parishes and I have been given access to 140+ pictures in the form of photos and postcards, nearly all of which have been identified but one in particular remains a mystery and I wonder if your readers are able to help.

The sign on the front of the house says ‘A Bowley’, but I am unable to read more.

The burial register for Eastergate lists: 23.4.1918 Albert Bowley 5 Rose Cottages Eastergate age 78.

Can anyone tell me where this cottage is/was?

Perhaps Mr Bowley has relatives in the area?

Also, if anyone feels they have something to contribute to the Barnham or Eastergate databases, they can contact me on 01243 553238 or slowton@btopenworld.com or via the Record Office.

Sandra Lowton,

Joining Up Our Heritage