I speak as a pedestrian, cyclist and motorist

Your two correspondents (Observer, July 19), Michael Hutton and Paul Wreyford, both purported to be in favour of reduced speed limits in Chichester, but then came up with a list of spurious reasons for doing nothing at all to bring 
it about.

Does Michael Hutton really believe the dangers from current speeds of up to 30mph or more only exist outside schools early morning and late afternoon during term time? What about all the other roads and all the other times of day?

What about all the other vulnerable road users who are not involved in the daily school run?

And does he really believe that avoiding a bit of ‘clutter’ from a few 20 mph signs is more important than the health and wellbeing of the people of our lovely city?

Regarding Paul Wreyford’s views, does he think Chichester is the first place to contemplate this proposal? Is he not aware of the many towns and cities in the UK where this has already happened or is about to? None of these places are spending vast sums on the installation of physical traffic calming measures.

WSCC intend paying the modest £70,000 estimated cost of introducing 20mph speed limits from what is called ‘Section 106’ monies, not from general council tax receipts.

‘Section 106’ monies are funds contributed to the council by developers as a condition of getting planning consent, and can only be used for certain purposes, including sustainable infrastructure improvements. There is thus no additional cost to council tax payers from this proposal.

If WSCC do the right thing and introduce 20mph speed limits to all residential roads in Chichester, it will be up to us, as the residents of Chichester, to set an example and drive within the new speed limits. If we do so, others will in the main follow. Enforcement is not just a matter for the police.

What sort of city do we want? We want one that puts the lives and wellbeing of residents and visitors ahead of the opinions of a few selfish and inconsiderate motorists.

I urge all residents to support the proposal by WSCC to introduce 20mph speed limits to all residential roads in Chichester.

I speak as a pedestrian, a cyclist AND a motorist.

John Wilton

York Road, Chichester