Infill not small

Regarding the proposed development in the Chichester – Lavant strategic gap, I suspect Taylor Wimpey would like us to have the perception their proposed development is a small infill of housing in north east Chichester, with minor erosion of the strategic gap between Chichester and Lavant.

Actually the facts point to a totally different view.

The Google satellite map of the area shows Rew Lane is a narrow finger of houses, surrounded on both sides by the agricultural land of the strategic gap between Lavant and Chichester. It certainly should not be used as a reference point for a major housing development in the gap. However, if the proposed development were approved, it could certainly be used as a precedent for subsequent applications to build on larger plots on either side.

Another error in the perception is that it is in north east Chichester. It is actually in Lavant, although separated from other Lavant residential areas. Other than using the main Lavant to Chichester road, it would be a fair walk on footpaths to get to the northern outskirts of Chichester from the proposed development, even though the gap between them would be virtually zero. The linear gap between the proposed development and other Lavant residential areas would be about half the current gap between Chichester and Lavant.

C Vince

Keepers Wood