Investment in bypass is good, but...

PRIVATE investment for the Arundel bypass sounds good, but how are they going to get a return on their investment? Surely it will be by toll fees.

Mr Dixon wants us to believe houses will be built on the concrete area at Ford but this is not the case they will be built on the surrounding farmland.

It does surprise me that it is expected that the building of 6,300 houses at Ford might fund the bypass when the proposal of up to 20,000 houses for the eco town had no provision for contributing to the building of the bypass. The government at that time made it clear the bypass would not be built, whatever the decision on the eco town, and I would suspect the government today would not be persuaded by a development at Ford.

If the bypass is so critical, should not the emphasis be in getting the building of it underway and then look to where development can take place in West Sussex and not just specifically to Ford, Yapton and Climping?

I would add the new National Planning Policy Framework does emphasise local people will have more power on development decisions and hopefully this will deter those whom want to impose development in other parishes to avoid it happening in theirs.

Richard Brennan

Wooldridge Walk, Climping