It’s a little gem

As a resident of Funtington, I would like to draw the attention of readers to a little gem of a museum called The Clock Trust which is situated on the main road between Funtington and East Ashling, just four miles from Chichester.

The fascinating building which houses the museum was built using stone from Chichester Cathedral following the collapse of its spire in 1850.

The building has had various uses in the past but today, thanks to the inspiration of its founder, Dr Paul Strickland it houses a terrific collection of clocks, timepieces, gauges and other engineering artefacts which make it an intriguing and interesting place for a visit.

But this old building, for all its charm and character is much more than a museum.

Dr Strickland, whose background is in engineering and robotics, works very closely with the local community, local businesses and local authorities to provide workshops and learning facilities for school children and other groups of all ages and abilities.

The workshops involve taking apart donated electronic and mechanical equipment in order to understand their workings and to fully appreciate the impact of the materials and components used on the environment.

The constant theme in his work with groups is one of sustainable industrial design and the benefits of recycling.

Dr Strickland’s Clock Trust has a number of interesting new projects planned for 2013 and it has also recently been shortlisted for an award in the government-backed NESTA Waste Reduction Challenge.

We think this wonderful small museum, which is doing such good work in the community, deserves the support and encouragement of all your readers.

Terry Holden

Admirals Walk