It’s a mad name for the town’s festival

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LAST YEAR the Midhurst festival of music and other entertainment’s seemed to be quite successful, although many people were turned away by the meaningless and unpleasant title ‘Madhurst’.

It was thought that sense would prevail and it would never be entitled in this manner again.

We were wrong.

A recent report in this Observer states it will be used again at a repeat festival in August this year.

What is the point of degrading the name of this lovely old town in this manner?

Particularly now our position in the recently-established South Downs National Park should bring more tourism and business here.

If the word ‘mad’ is to be used at all it must surely apply to whoever introduced it.

Hopefully sense will prevail and an inoffensive title will be chosen (eg The Midhurst Summer Festival), preferably before strangers start thinking it’s the name of the town itself.

Mr HR Stevens

Selham Road

West Lavington