It’s time for action

To see several letters about the B2178 provides some reassurance the problems on this route may finally start to be recognised.

The whole length of this road suffers from reckless driving, excessive speed, inadequate signage and examples of road marking which are unhelpful even though they probably meet the required regulations.

Those living along this route are suffering from the effects of high traffic volumes, inconsiderate drivers and motorcyclists who think Chichester is a suburb of the Isle of Man.

Not much can be done about traffic volumes, which are the direct result of failures in infrastructure development by successive governments.

The failure to enforce speed limits and to identify ways to reduce the nuisance level is, however, a failure of the highway authority, parish councils and the police.

There should have much more planning around the inevitable consequences of the lack of development and the growth of rat runs made possible by the use of satellite navigation devices.

The price of all of this is reduced quality of life, more accidents and more casualties.

The solution is not to move a few signs here and there but to identify where the problems cause most discomfort and use whatever means are available to deal with them.

I had thought changes made by the previous Labour government meant we no longer had to rack up a sufficient number of deaths before getting a reasonable hearing from those responsible for taking action.

I would have thought the cost of call-outs to the police, fire brigade and ambulance would have been more than enough to justify changes.

David Ash

East Ashling