It was a pity

Thank you for the article about the police and crime commissioner.

It was a pity we could not have had an earlier article on the reasons and mechanics of the process to prepare us for the time that the candidates were selected.

Can someone explain to me how and what influences there are that can be brought to bear on the selected candidate by their ‘political sponsor’?

Is Mr Prescott likely to be controlled by the Labour party should he be elected?

The PCC will have far greater legitimacy and be more responsible / accountable than the police authorities they replace.

I should like to see the chair of the Local Resilience Forum LRF elected too.

The LRF has a huge potential effect on all our lives and yet we hear nothing about their work, decisions and composition.

Indeed when I asked to sit in on that ‘body’ that is funded, works for all of us, I was refused.

Christopher Samuel

Henley Common